Ebesa Architects

Prince George Drop-off Waste Depot


Prince George Drop-off and recycling facility was designed and planned to service the Parkwood area. It is located strategically and is easily accessed via Prince George road and the residential area close by. Functionality was the major focus during the design stage as fluency during operations is key to a successful facility. Drop off of building rubble and mixed refuse will be accommodated at the elevated outside sections provided, a formal recycling building will accept material that needs to be sorted and bailed on site. The chipping facility will process green materials from the nearby residential area, chipping machines will be placed within a shed to reduce noise and contain any sections that may become airborne. Once the material has been chipped it will be collected and used to make compost. Mess, security, and ablution facilities for security and CoCT employees will also be provided.


Parkwood, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


Tender Documentation Completed