Resources – Cape Town Office  
Pr.Arch.   Professional Architect   5
C.Arch.   Candidate Architect   1
Pr.S.Arch.T.   Professional Senior Architectural Technologist   2
C.S.Arch.T.   Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist   1
Pr.Arch.T.   Professional Architectural Technologist   4
C.Arch.T.   Candidate Architectural Technologist   1
Pr.Arch.Draught.   Professional Architectural Draughtsperson   1
C.Arch.Draught.   Candidate Architectural Draughtsperson   1
Other Staff   Architectural   2
Admin Staff   Administration Staff   6
TOTAL       24

  A portfolio based system ensures the best expertise of the total staff component is involved in every project    
  Resources – Johannesburg Office  
Pr.Arch.   Professional Architect   2
C.Arch.   Candidate Architect   1
Pr.S.Arch.T.   Professional Senior Architectural Technologist   3
Pr.Arch.Draught.   Professional Architectural Draughtsperson   2
C.Arch.T.   Candidate Architectural Technologist   1
Admin Staff   Administration Staff   1
TOTAL       10

  EBESA Architects (Pty) Ltd is a B-BBEE compliant company since 2012. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and thus maintain a stringent quality control system.    

The practice is centrally positioned in both Cape Town (Tyger Valley) and Johannesburg (Illovo) from where all local and rural projects are handled.

The practice is run on a portfolio basis to ensure that the best expertise of the total staff component is involved in every project, thus providing a personal and effective service on every project, however large or small.

The portfolio system ensures an exceptional standard in the design, documentation, contract administration and cost control disciplines of architecture in comparison with the usual project architect system. Each director controls an architectural discipline for which he/she has a special ability and for which, through training and experience, is best qualified. This is especially relevant in view of that, in the architectural profession, no single architect can be a specialist in all of these disciplines.

The company strives to maintain a high standard of service by constantly enrolling staff in training courses and work seminars and by employing the most up-to-date computer and other technology on the market. The documentation of projects is completely carried out by use of computer systems - ensuring prompt and accurate results. The practice is especially well equipped to handle fast track projects with expert computer-aided support in addition to the portfolio system. We utilise cutting-edge and lifelike 3-dimensional modelling expertise to further aid visualisation, presentation and marketing purposes.

Ebesa Architects have a strong commitment to equity principles and economic empowerment within its staff and management structures. The practice also subsidises students from disadvantaged communities on an ongoing basis, and is actively involved in community projects and organisational support.
  Cape Town :

Gauteng : | +27 (0)21 914 2340  |  Modena Building Level 5  |  Bella Rosa Village  |  Corner Durbanville Avenue
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